5/6 Band Adjusted Schedules

The end-of-term is always crazy for 5th and 6th band because of the concert and the exam schedule. Here's an update for what's going on through the end of 2015:

5th Grade Band
Week of Dec. 7 
Regular Schedule (Evaluation No. 1)

Week of Dec. 14
Monday, Dec. 14 - All band members come to band for 5 minutes with their book for a final practice record check and invitations to the Perfect Practice Pizza Party will be distributed.
Tuesday, Dec. 15 - Pizza Party for qualifying band members 12:30-1:10.
Wednesday, Dec. 16 - Friday, December 18 - NO CLASS due to HS/MS exam schedule

6th Grade Band
Week of Dec. 7
Monday 12/7 - Full Band
Tuesday 12/8 - Supervised Practice (optional)
Wednesday 12/9 - Full Band
Thursday 12/10 - Supervised Practice (optional)
Friday 12/11 - Full Band

Week of Dec. 14
Monday 12/14 - Full Band (Dress rehearsal in gym)
Tuesday 12/15 - Brasses 
Wednesday 12/16 - Woodwinds 
Thursday 12/17 - Percussion 
Friday 12/18 - Perfect Practice Pizza Party 11:15-12:00noon.


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