Annie Pit Orchestra - Important Info.

I'm so excited that we're able to put together a wonderful orchestra for the FHS Players' upcoming production of "Annie"!  This may be one of the most challenging musical undertakings you've ever embarked on, but I promise it will also be one of the most rewarding. There's a lot of details for performers in here, so please read carefully and contact me if you have any questions whatsoever.

*Rehearsals will be held generally on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays  (with a few exceptions) after school until 5:30pm during the months of February and March. The April schedule gets a little crazier with dress rehearsals and tech week. A complete list of rehearsal dates and times can be found below. The calendar of events is always up to date at

*Each rehearsal will cover specific parts of the music and will be listed in advance. If you are not playing in a particular section, you need not be in the rehearsal room.

*Home practice will be required. This is a full-blown Broadway musical and not a watered-down "junior" version. There are many meters and keys. Your pencil will be your best friend. Rehearsal is not the time for working out fingerings and keys. Please come prepared to each rehearsal so the group can move forward every day.

*Individual help is available every school day between 7:20 and 8am in my office. Sign up for a 10 or 20 minute help session whenever you need one. I am at your disposal and am dedicated to your success.

*There are three shows: April 22 7pm, April 23, 7pm, and April 24 at 3pm. Attendance is required at all three shows.

*Performance attire is basic concert black.

*You will not have to pay drama club fees, but will have to pay for your t-shirt. Cost is approximately $10 and details will be forthcoming.

*A reference recording is available for you to listen to and play along with. I can either burn you a CD or put the music on a flash drive. Please get me a flash drive or let me know if you need a CD as soon as possible. Or you could look here.

*Music books are property of MTI, Inc. and must be returned in good condition. Only mark in your books in pencil. All marks must be erased before you return your book.


Monday, February 8 - 3:15-5:30 (pending music arrival)
Tuesday, February 9 - 3:15-5:30 (pending music arrival)
Thursday, February 11 - 3:15-5:30 (pending music arrival)

Tuesday, February 16 - 3:15-5:30
Thursday, February 18 - 3:15-5:30

Monday, February 22 - 3:15-5:30
Tuesday, February 23 - 3:15-5:30
Wednesday, February 24 - 3:15-5:30

Monday, February 29 - 3:15-5:30
Tuesday, March 1 - 3:15-5:30
Thursday, March 3 - 3:15-5:30

Tuesday, March 8 - 3:15-5:30
Thursday, March 10 - 3:15-5:30

Monday, March 14 - 3:15-5:30
Tuesday, March 15 - 3:15-5:30
Thursday, March 17 - 3:15-5:30

Monday, March 21 - 3:15-5:30
Tuesday, March 22 - 3:15-5:30
Thursday, March 24 - 3:15-5:30

Tuesday, April 5 - 3:15-5:30
Thursday, April 7 - 3:15-5:30

April 11-15
Dress Rehearsal at Vets 3:30-6pm

April 18-21 Tech Week
Rehearsal at Vets 6pm-10pm

April 22-24 - Show Weekend


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