Pep Band - Blue Jackets Now March 13!

A conflict arose with our original date for this event, so it has been changed. It now allows members of the FHSCB to participate in the OHC honor band on February 25. That being said...

The pep band will be traveling to Nationwide Arena on Sunday, March 13, to perform before the Blue Jackets game vs. the New Jersey Devils.  Here are the details:

12:00 - Load bus/trailer
12:30 - Depart for Columbus
1:15 - Arrive/unload
1:30 - Set up
2:00 - Doors open, performance begins
2:30 - Performance ends
3:00 - Game begins
5:30* - Game over. Load trailer, bus.
6:30* - Arrive FHS
*-times approximate

*All band members need to pay for their $20 performer ticket, which is deeply discounted. All band member tickets will be ordered together through the boosters. Please put a check or money order for $20 in the booster mailbox no later than February 18, payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters. If you do not order a ticket, you will not be admitted to Nationwide Arena. If you are unable to attend this event, you must notify Mr. Keller ASAP.

*Discount tickets for parents, family, and friends are for sale for $39 and a portion of that cost benefits the Fairbanks Music Boosters. They can purchase their tickets HERE. (link active on Mon 2/1) Tickets may be ordered until March 9.

*Wear your pep band t-shirt. This is required for this performance.

*If you plan on eating from the concession stand, please bring spending money.

*All band members MUST ride the bus to the game.  If you plan on riding home with parents instead of the bus, you are responsible for transporting your own instrument home, or making sure it is loaded on the trailer after the game. You must also give a note from a parent to Mr. Keller stating that you are not riding the bus home.  Everyone must be accounted for before the bus leaves Columbus.

*Just a forewarning: Security is tight at Nationwide. No backpacks are allowed in the arena...only small purses and drawstring bags. You must leave large bags on the bus. You're better off just not bringing one. Your instrument case may be subject to search as well.

*The repertoire list will be announced in February. Band members should have practiced and mastered the songs that we plan on playing. There's not faking it when you're performing in front of a few thousand people.

*I realize this is a Sunday gig. This really works best with everyone's busy schedules in sports, mock trial, musical, and the like.

*This is an amazing opportunity for our band program, and also a great day of fun! Be sure to know your role in the success of this event.

*Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. 


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