Booster Update From Mike

Fellow Music Parents,


Happy Spring (one day early) to everyone and I hope those of you with NCAA tourney brackets are weathering the storm of some pretty big upsets. :)  In any case, I wanted to take a brief moment to update everyone on some items we have upcoming and/or underway:

  • Annual Officer Elections - It's that time of year and we will be holding elections at our May 10th meeting.  A SignUpGenius list will be sent within the next week for those interested and wish to be on the ballot.  The only requirement to be an officer is to be a parent of a music student for next school year.  Being an officer is one of many ways to help make a difference for our Fairbanks music students!
  •  FHS and FMS Track Concessions - As part of our annual fundraising, we are again (2nd year) running the track concessions for the 6 home meets.  This raised over $1,000 for us last year.  We are in need of volunteers to work in the stand and/or donate food items.  We have one SignUpGenius list out for workers and will be getting others sent for food items.  Anything you can do to help is very much appreciated.
  •  Tyson label campaign - thanks to Mrs. Garlinghouse we have started a campaign to collect Tyson food labels (similar to the Box Tops for Education labels).  Each label is worth 24 cents.  If you buy Tyson food products, please save your TYSON labels! 




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