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You're Invited...

Fairbanks High School Drama Club Proudly Presents… Annie
The cast, crew, and orchestra members invite all of you to come see our production this weekend!
Friday tickets are going fast!
Friday, April 22 8pm  Saturday, April 23 8pm Sunday, April 24 3pm
*Seating is first come, first serve *Tickets available at the door starting at 7:15pm *Doors open at 7:30pm 
Vets Memorial Auditorium, Marysville (behind the Courthouse on 6th St.)
These students have put in countless hours since January! They are very excited and your support is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!
Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Holbrook, Mrs. Noland, Mrs. Auchmuty, Mr. Keller

Kroger Rewards: Time To Re-Enroll!

Dear band parents and community members,

Kroger Rewards are a wonderful way to fund our music booster program. It's easy money. The catch is that you, as a consumer, must re-enroll yearly. Please follow the steps below to make sure %5 of what you spend at Kroger is donated to the boosters.

It’s time to re-enroll for the new year of Kroger Community Rewards. Please let your participants know that they need to re-enroll in the month of April in order to continue contributing to your organization through the May 1st 2016 to April 30th 2017 year. For a participant to re-enroll their card they simply go to·Click “sign-in”·Put in their email address and password that they used to enroll their card.·Click on participants name at the top right, scroll to the bottom for Community Rewards.·Put in the group number or part of the name of the organization.·Choose the correct organization. ·Click Enroll.

Important Info For FMB 2016 Parents...

Recap from the FMB 2016 Parent Meeting April 12, 7pm
If a member of your family did not attend the parent meeting on April 12, you MUST read all of this the bottom.
*It's going to be an exciting year for the FMB!  We will compete three times this year, as well as perform at the Circleville Pumpkin Show. It is a later contest season than we usually attempt, but I believe it will work to our advantage. Contests are at Dublin Jerome, Kettering Fairmont, and Thomas Worthington.
*Attendance at every rehearsal and performance is required.  Students taking band for credit will be held accountable in the handbook grading policy and it will be strictly enforced.  Except in the case of personal illness, all excuses must be submitted in advance (48 hours for rehearsals and 14 days for performances) and must fit the handbook criteria for an excused absence.  Not having a ride, having to babysit, family vacations and the like are not excused absences.  Tolles s…

Spring Fundraiser 2016

The music department will be kicking off a Spring fundraiser today! Here's all the details:
*Tumblers with NCAA (including OSU) and NBA designs are available for sale, as are Fairbanks Panther versions. They are $16 each. There are also other cool designs available on the sales brochure.
*Magazine subscriptions are also included in the envelope. One subscription counts as one item.
*FMB members are not eligible for prizes (other than pizza/donuts) but instead earn 40% profit toward their band camp fees. That's $6.40 per tumbler, and %40 of the magazine subscription cost.
*Non-FMB band/choir members can earn prizes...see the enclosed brochure. Prizes are automatic up to 30 items. Above 30, make sure you put your prize code of choice on your order form.
*ALL students who sell 5 or more items will earn admission to a year-end pizza (or donut) party.
*If you sell 20 or more items, you receive a free tumbler of your choice. (just put in on the order form and write "PRIZE"…

5/6 Band Change Of Schedule

As we will begin preparing for our Spring Concert performance on May 9, it's necessary to adjust the schedule for 5th and 6th grade band members. Please mark your calendars and make sure you have your instrument and music on rehearsal days.  Here is what is upcoming:

5th Band:

Week of April 11 - Regular rehearsal days

Week of April 18
Monday, April 18 - Flutes/Clarinets/Saxophones
Tuesday, April 19 - Trumpets/Trombones
Wednesday, April 20 - No 5th Band (rehearsing with Mrs. Cooper)
Thursday, April 21 - No 5th Band (rehearsing with Mrs. Cooper)
Friday, April 22 - No 5th Band (rehearsing with Mrs. Cooper)

Week of April 25
Monday, April 25 - No 5th Band (rehearsing with Mrs. Cooper)
Tuesday, April 26 - No 5th Band (rehearsing with Mrs. Cooper)
Wednesday, April 27 - Percussion
Thursday, April 28 - Percussion
Friday, April 29 - Percussion

Week of May 2
Monday, May 2 - FULL BAND
Tuesday, May 3 - FULL BAND
Wednesday, May 4 - FULL BAND
Thursday, May 5 - FULL BAND
Friday, May 6 - FULL BAND


FMB Update 4/6

Here's what's going on with the FMB:

*We have 39 confirmed members for this year's FMB. Another good sized group!

*The calendar of events is up-to-date. No dates will be added, but some might be subtracted. We tentatively have four Saturday events scheduled this year, including three contests. These, and all events, are required. There is no bench in band, therefore it is essential that all band members be at all events unless excused via the attendance policy. The calendar is always available online from any digital device.

*Pre-camp is the week of July 18 and rehearsals will be 8am-noon. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled in the afternoons this week for percussion or for visual work.  These dates and times will be published as soon as they are set.

*Band camp is July 31-August 5 at Urbana University this year.  More details about camp will be available in May.  All band members need to pay their $50 deposit no later than April 12, as we need to pay Urbana a deposit to ho…

FHSCB@Vets '16 - May 20

FHSCB@Vets 2016 Friday, May 20 - 7pm Union County Veteran's Auditorium, Marysville
*This event will be presented at Veteran's Auditorium, 233 W. 6th St., Marysville, Ohio. *Band members need to be in their seats by 6:15 for warm up and tuning. *Dress is regular concert black.
*Attendance is required for band members. *Put your cases backstage and bring only your instrument and music onto the stage. *The best advertising for this event is by WORD OF MOUTH.  Tell everyone you know! *Tickets are available at the door.  Adults are $7, students $5.  Children under 5 are free.

*The concert will last approximately one hour and will include a 10 minute intermission.

Spring Concert May 9

Spring Concert Monday, May 9, 7pm FHS gymnasium
5th Grade Band, 6th Grade Band, Youth Choir, JH Concert Band, HS Concert Choir, and HS Concert Band.
*Attendance is required for all performers
5th, 6th band, JH Band – Look nice.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  Guys wear ties.  Ladies may wear pants or full-length skirts.
HS Band – Ladies in all black, pants or long skirts, black shoes.  Gentlemen wear black pants, socks, shoes, and a black long-sleeved collared dress shirt. 

This concert is free and open to the public. Please tell family, friends, and neighbors!