Spring Fundraiser 2016

The music department will be kicking off a Spring fundraiser today! Here's all the details:

*Tumblers with NCAA (including OSU) and NBA designs are available for sale, as are Fairbanks Panther versions. They are $16 each. There are also other cool designs available on the sales brochure.

*Magazine subscriptions are also included in the envelope. One subscription counts as one item.

*FMB members are not eligible for prizes (other than pizza/donuts) but instead earn 40% profit toward their band camp fees. That's $6.40 per tumbler, and %40 of the magazine subscription cost.

*Non-FMB band/choir members can earn prizes...see the enclosed brochure. Prizes are automatic up to 30 items. Above 30, make sure you put your prize code of choice on your order form.

*ALL students who sell 5 or more items will earn admission to a year-end pizza (or donut) party.

*If you sell 20 or more items, you receive a free tumbler of your choice. (just put in on the order form and write "PRIZE" instead of cost.

*The top overall seller wins an Royal Plush OSU Stadium Blanket! It's super fuzzy and warm!

*Order forms and money are due on Tuesday, April 19.

*Make checks or money orders payable to "FAIRBANKS MUSIC BOOSTERS." No cash payments are accepted by the boosters. If a customers pay in cash, please deposit and have mom or dad write a check or money order for the amount.

*Every little bit helps. If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot.


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