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FMB: Milford Bicentennial 9/3

Milford Center Bicentennial Parade Saturday, September 3
12:00 - Band room is open 12:45 - Warm at old elementary site (softball field area) 1:00 - Parade (Victors) 1:20 - Parade ends at Bicentennial Park next to the water tower
Summer uniform
Attendance required unless excused in advance with Mr. Keller
I will transport drums and tuba. All other band members must transport their own instrument.

FMB: First Home Game 9/2

Itinerary Home Football vs. Waynesfield Friday, September 2, 2016

4:30 - Drumline rehearsal
5:30 - Full rehearsal at Harmony Field
6:15 - Dress/Prep
6:35 - March to Kyre
6:50 - Pre-game
7:00 - Game begins
8:00 - Halftime
9:30 - Game ends

Dress is Summer uniform. No visible jewelry. Hair is to be back.

Come prepared to rehearse well before the game. We have lots of new things to review and old ones to fix.

Cheers are to be memorized. Stand tunes will be provided. All halftime music should be supremely memorized. We will play part V in the stands 4th quarter.

You will have the third quarter off. Please be on your best behavior when out and about.

Snacks will be provided for FMB and the visiting band after halftime at the booster concession stand.

FMB Pictures Sept. 9

FMB official pictures will be taken on Friday, September 9 during 7th period and immediately after school. Band members should stay between school and our road trip to Triad so we can get everyone photographed individually, sections, and full band.  Order forms go home today but you can also download below and print.  Make checks payable to "Mary Ellen Garwood."

FMB Senior Banners

This year's FMB seniors were invited to join in the "Senior Banner" tradition that has been going on in the athletic department so after a photo session, the banners will be ready to go for next Friday's home game. Banners are purchased by the families of the seniors and they get to keep the banner after the season is over. Thanks to Joni Cox for making these keepsakes happen. Parents: You're welcome to download this artwork by clicking on each picture, as per the photographer.

5th Band Info 2016

Here is the 5th grade band information packet that will be distributed at the assembly on Friday, August 26. I sincerely hope your 5th grade student chooses to make music with us in the Fairbanks band program. Click on the link to view and/or download:
5th Band Information Packet (507k)

FMB: Itinerary for Ben Logan 8/26

FMB @ Benjamin Logan Friday, August 26, 2016 Itinerary
Load 5:00pm Depart 5:30pm Arrive 6:00pm Game time 7:00pm Halftime 8:00pm* Game ends 9:30pm* Return to FHS 10:20pm* *-times are approximate
*Dress is SUMMER uniform including your band polo, black shorts, white socks, and white-ish shoes.  Please do not wear any visible jewelry.  Long hair is to be pulled back.  
*The band room is open and supervised after school.  Food will be served.  Please be on your best behavior if you are staying after.
*Tonight's music is Part 1-4.  We will march and play.  Cheers are also to be memorized.  Stand tunes will be provided for the 4th quarter and do not need to be memorized.
*Please remember everything you need for the night, including instrument, uniform parts, shoes, spending money, and personal items.
*If you are riding home from the game with a parent, you need to give a note to Mr. Keller BEFORE we depart FHS.  If you are not riding the bus home, you MUST be traveling with a PARENT.
*Pay attention to …

FMB: Drillmaster Shoes. Order Soon!

First year members and veterans who need shoes must acquire their own “Drillmaster” shoes.  Here is a list of dealers you can contact to purchase your pair.  For the sake of uniformity, which is very important to our group, only Drillmaster brand shoes are acceptable.  Be sure to specify BLACK shoes (as white is also available). I highly recommend Band Shoppe. Their customer service is outstanding and shipping is prompt. I have worked with them many times in the past.
Major Band Catalog companies: (Phone orders and online orders) Band Shoppe – Cynthiana, IN - 800-457-3501 – American Band Accessories – Las Vegas, NV - 800-421-7479 - McCormick's Enterprises, Inc. Arlington Hts., IL - 800-323-5201 -

Local Ohio dealers: (these dealers may not have shoes in stock, but can order them for you.  Please call before heading to the store!) Jet Music, Inc. - Mt. Vernon, OH -888-858-8040 – Fred J. Miller, Inc. - Miamisb…

5th Band Starts Soon!

Hey there, 5th grade parents! Did you know that 5th grade band starts soon?

You will receive a LOT more information in the coming weeks, but here is a rundown of the important dates for this year's 5th grade band:

Friday, August 26 - Assembly for all 5th graders during specials

August 29 - September 2 - Fittings for interested students (I do these myself)

Tuesday, September 6 - 7pm meeting for parents of all 5th band members

Week of September 12 - Classes begin. Students have band once per week.

FMB: Excused Absences

I have the following members excused for these late additions to the calendar.

Meet The Teams 8/19
Emma B.
Courtney W.
Zach V.

Milford Bicentennial Parade 9/3
Molly W.
Juliet P.
Josie P.
Leanne R.
Mitch K.
Matt K.
Audrey C.

If I have somehow missed your text, email, or hand-written note, please notify me immediately, otherwise I need all other members to be in attendance.

FMB: MTT Schedule and Details

The FMB will perform a brief pre-game set prior to the August 19 Panther football scrimmage. Here's the details:

*Attendance is required unless excused in advance. No more excuse notes are being accepted at this time. If you've already contacted me, you are excused.

*Attire is Summer uniform. No visible jewelry. Hair is to be pulled back.

*Repertoire is Victors, SSB, and Alma Mater from memory. If you don't have your pregame music memorized, NOW is the time.

*We will not march at this performance. Music in concert arc only.

*All band members are admitted free of charge. There is a $5 admission charge for parents and the general public.

*After our performance, band members are welcome to leave, but may also stay for the game. The band room will be locked by 7:15 however. Put your instruments away immediately after our pre-game show.


6:30 PM - Concert Arc at KYRE field at our usual warm up spot (high jump pad)

6:45 PM Set up in front of stands on Track

6:50 PM - V…

Fairbanks Band Social Media Update

Here's a little reminder that you can keep up to date on announcements, information, pictures, and special moments in the Fairbanks band program on our social media sites:
Twitter: or @fairbanksband
This is the ONE site you need to visit to keep up to date on everything that goes on in the band program. You do NOT have to have a Twitter account to view this page, but if you do join you can use the Twitter app to always stay informed and can also set text alerts so you are alerted immediately when updates are posted. (especially useful for FMB parents who want to know about changes and what time the bus will be back at school). An update is posted any time anything is added to the main page as well.
Instagram: or @fairbanksband
Once again, you don't have to have an Instagram account to see our stuff, just go to the link. If you are an Instagram member, you can keep up with views of our students in action. Want…

6th/7th General Music Info

General Music 6 - Fundamentals
Materials –Please come prepared to class each day with your pocket folder, a pencil or pen, and paper.  There will be no locker passes, so bring everything you need.

Grades In-class worksheets will be worth 5-40 points.  Quizzes will be worth 10-20 points.  Tests will be worth 40-50 points. Your grade will be the total number of points you have earned divided by the total points possible.  The standard grading scale will be used.  Extra credit may be given at the Mr. Keller’s discretion.  Grades will not be rounded up.  No exceptions.  Assignments must be turned in on time to receive full credit.   No late work will be accepted the week prior to the end of the grading period. 
Participation Grade As much that you do in this class will be LISTENING-based (and sometimes DISCUSSION-based) there will be 5 participation points possible for each class period.  If you are not prepared for class, disrupt class, or if you choose not to participate, points will be take…

FMB: Performance Updates

Two performances that were not originally on the calendar are being added. These are required events so please adjust accordingly. I realize that not all band members may be able to attend due to the late notice. If you are unable to make either performance due to an unavoidable conflict, please notify me as soon as possible via text, email, or hard copy.

Friday, August 19 - Meet The Teams
All fall sport teams and band will be introduced at the Football Jamboree scrimmage on Friday, August 19. The band will play a brief pre-game performance (not marching). Report time is 6:30 in summer uniform. Members are admitted free to the game and can stay if they choose, but can leave any time after 7pm if they wish.

Saturday, September 3 - Milford Center Bicentennial Parade
I was just made aware of this event on Monday.  We will be playing a short parade in Milford Center to celebrate their 200th birthday. We will meet at 12:30pm at the site of the old elementary school on State Street and end u…

FMB Camp Checkout

Due to OWU being so accommodating on a week where they don't normally accept summer camps, we have agreed to be out of the dorms by 4pm tomorrow, so our usual procedures are kind of out the window. Here's how Friday, August 5 is going to go down:

8:30-11:45am - FMB rehearses at the field, including dress rehearsal.

12:15 - Lunch

1:00 - Clean rooms, pack.

2:00 - Slide show

2:30 - Shower, change into summer uniform, take all stuff to the lobby or load into parents' vehicles

4:00 - All keys, cards must be collected. All student rooms must be empty.

4:30 - Warm at Harmony

5:00 - Show begins

5:20 - Awards

5:30 - Full band picture, dismiss.

Yes. If your parents are here before the show, not only MAY you load your stuff in their car before the show, but you SHOULD do so if you are able.