Band Supplies 2016-2017

The music department will no longer be selling supplies nor placing orders to music stores. The finances and logistics have just become too cumbersome. Band members in grades 6-12 are responsible for being prepared for every class with their own supplies. My recommendations from experience are listed below. Vandoren reeds are, on the whole, 1/2 grade firmer than others, so be sure you ask me which strength is right for you before you order.

I will no longer be providing tenor and baritone sax reeds free of charge. Students playing these instruments will be provided an instrument to play free of charge, but are responsible for purchasing their own reeds.

You can always buy supplies from your local music dealer:

Buckeye Brass and Winds - Map
J&L Music - Map
Music Arts Centers - Locations

Your may also choose to order online, especially if you have something like Amazon Prime.

Here are the recommended supplies for brass/wind/percussion players (and links to these items)

Clarinet reeds:
Rico Royal Reeds (Amazon)
Mitchell Lurie Reeds (Amazon)
Vandoren Reeds (Amazon)

Alto Sax Reeds:
Rico Royal Reeds (Amazon)
Vandoren Reeds (Amazon)

Tenor Sax Reeds:
Rico Royal Reeds (Amazon)
Vandoren Reeds (Amazon)

Baritone Sax Reeds:
Rico Royal Reeds (Amazon)
Vandoren Reeds (Amazon)

Valve oil:
Al Cass Fast (Amazon)

Sax Neck Strap
Neo-Tech Sax Neck Strap (Amazon)

Concert Snare Sticks
Vic Firth SD1 (Amazon)

Basic Mouthpieces:
Yamaha Alto Sax 4C Mouthpiece (Amazon)
Yamaha Clarinet 4C Mouthpiece (Amazon)

Intermediate Mouthpieces:
Selmer HS* Clarinet Mouthpiece (Amazon)
Selmer C* Alto Sax Mouthpiece (Amazon)

Basic Clarinet Ligature (Amazon)
Rovner Clarinet Ligature (Amazon)
Basic Alto Sax Ligature (Amazon)
Rovner Alto Sax Ligature (Amazon)

Flute cleaning rod (Amazon)

Clarinet swab (Amazon)

Clarinet/Sax Cork Grease (Amazon)

Brass Tuning Slide Grease (Amazon)

Silver Polishing Cloth (Amazon)
*note - NEVER use silver polish on a silver band instrument


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