Fairbanks Band Social Media Update

Here's a little reminder that you can keep up to date on announcements, information, pictures, and special moments in the Fairbanks band program on our social media sites:


twitter.com/fairbanksband or @fairbanksband

This is the ONE site you need to visit to keep up to date on everything that goes on in the band program. You do NOT have to have a Twitter account to view this page, but if you do join you can use the Twitter app to always stay informed and can also set text alerts so you are alerted immediately when updates are posted. (especially useful for FMB parents who want to know about changes and what time the bus will be back at school). An update is posted any time anything is added to the main fairbanksband.org page as well.


instagram.com/fairbanksband or @fairbanksband

Once again, you don't have to have an Instagram account to see our stuff, just go to the link. If you are an Instagram member, you can keep up with views of our students in action. Want to be sure I see your band Insta posts? Be sure to tag us at @fairbanksband and I'll repost the best the pictures I see.


The Fairbanks Marching Band page is not updated as frequently as the other sites, but it is a good way to stay informed about big events like performances and the like. It's also where a lot of FMB pictures will be posted in the fall season. Like us and then share our posts with your band family and friends.


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