FMB Camp Checkout

Due to OWU being so accommodating on a week where they don't normally accept summer camps, we have agreed to be out of the dorms by 4pm tomorrow, so our usual procedures are kind of out the window. Here's how Friday, August 5 is going to go down:

8:30-11:45am - FMB rehearses at the field, including dress rehearsal.

12:15 - Lunch

1:00 - Clean rooms, pack.

2:00 - Slide show

2:30 - Shower, change into summer uniform, take all stuff to the lobby or load into parents' vehicles

4:00 - All keys, cards must be collected. All student rooms must be empty.

4:30 - Warm at Harmony

5:00 - Show begins

5:20 - Awards

5:30 - Full band picture, dismiss.

Yes. If your parents are here before the show, not only MAY you load your stuff in their car before the show, but you SHOULD do so if you are able. 


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