FMB: MTT Schedule and Details

The FMB will perform a brief pre-game set prior to the August 19 Panther football scrimmage. Here's the details:

*Attendance is required unless excused in advance. No more excuse notes are being accepted at this time. If you've already contacted me, you are excused.

*Attire is Summer uniform. No visible jewelry. Hair is to be pulled back.

*Repertoire is Victors, SSB, and Alma Mater from memory. If you don't have your pregame music memorized, NOW is the time.

*We will not march at this performance. Music in concert arc only.

*All band members are admitted free of charge. There is a $5 admission charge for parents and the general public.

*After our performance, band members are welcome to leave, but may also stay for the game. The band room will be locked by 7:15 however. Put your instruments away immediately after our pre-game show.


6:30 PM - Concert Arc at KYRE field at our usual warm up spot (high jump pad)

6:45 PM Set up in front of stands on Track

6:50 PM - Victors/Alma Mater/SSB

7:00 - Game starts. (put instruments away, stay for the game if you wish)


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