FMB: Itinerary for Winchester Classic 10/15

9:15am - School is open
9:30am - Rehearse at Harmony
10:15 - Load
10:45 - Depart
12noon - Arrive CWHS
12:45 - Warm Up
1:45 - Perform
4:00 - Awards
5:30 - Arrive FHS

Band members who are running cross country in the morning are excused from rehearsal, but need to meet us no later than 12:30pm at bus/trailer to prepare for our performance.

Pit/Scenery crew should meet us at the buses at 12noon when we arrive to get stamped and set up.

The contest starts at 12noon. There are two AA and two A bands performing before us.

We will use full props and visuals.

Wear your band T-shirt under your uniform. Come prepared with casual clothes and blankets/coats to stay cozy 2-4pm.

Seize this moment and do your best!

Site map:

Directions: (click to enlarge)


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