5th Grade Change of Schedule

As the Spring Concert is coming up soon, the schedule must be changed to accommodate full band rehearsal for the 5th grade band.  Here are the UPDATED changes:

5th Grade Band
Week of 4/18
Regular sections

Week of 4/24
Monday, 4/24 - No Band
Tuesday, 4/25 - No Band
Wednesday, 4/26 - FULL BAND
Thursday, 4/27 - FULL BAND
Friday, 4/28 - FULL BAND

Week of 5/1
Monday, 5/1 - FULL BAND
Tuesday, 5/2 - Flutes
Wednesday, 5/3 - Clarinets/Saxes
Thursday, 5/4 - Trumpets
Friday, 5/5 - Percussion

Week of 5/8
Monday 5/8 - FULL BAND
Tuesday 5/9 - FULL BAND IN GYM (Concert at 7pm)
Rest of the week NO BAND
(rehearsals with Mrs. Cooper)

The Spring concert is on Tuesday, May 9, at 7pm.  Details for performers will be published one week before the concert.  All 5th grade band members should have received their official concert announcement on paper.  


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