Band Camp Tips/Rules

Mr. Keller’s Band Camp Tips

1.  Do what needs to be done.  We take the quality of our performances very seriously.  When you are asked to memorize your music…do it.  When it is necessary to put forth additional effort…do it.  When you need to focus your attention on what you are doing…just do it and you will be a better person for it.  I guarantee that there will be no unreasonable demands put on you this week.

2.  Judge your criticism.  Nine times out of ten, suggestions given to you for improvement are accurate and intended as helpful.  Realize we are in this together and that individual effort equals group improvement.  If you feel you are being criticized unfairly, make it known to your section leader, camp staff, or director.

3.  Be responsible for YOU.  Make sure you get sleep and eat right.  Set your alarm clock.  Keep your room clean.  Call your mother.  Wear a watch and be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.  Don’t rely on others for your accountability.  Excuses are not becoming of an FHS band member.

4.  Welcome diversity.  Please realize that, like in any family, every member is an individual and everyone is different.  Successful relationships are based on mutual respect.  Just because your roommate may have blue hair, it doesn’t make them less of a member than you.  Encouragement is ten times more powerful than criticism.

5.  Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!!!  You will be asked to do many things during this wonderful week, and you won’t possibly be able to master everything, so make sure you take one thing at a time and put one foot in front of the other.  You may not be able to memorize the closer before the end of the week, but make sure you memorize the opener before you try to move on.

6.  Choose to be positive.  The single most important thing you can do this week is to be a positive influence on everyone around you.  Positive energy keeps you and the group happy, focused, and receptive to new ideas.  Choose to make this a week of positivity.

7.  Adapt to change.  Change is a necessary and important part of band and life.  Those who flow with the changes will improve.  Those who fight change when it is detrimental to the group get left behind and the group is weaker because of it.  Those who adapt to change are those who excel.

8.  Realize that you are important.  One of the best things about band is that everyone is a starting player.  There is no “bench” in band.  Your role, be it a cymbal crash, a trumpet solo, or a bass drum beat, is important to your camp staff, section leader, and peers.  Feel important because you are important.

Band Camp Rules:
  1. All school rules are in effect at all times.
  2. No one is to leave campus without a staff chaperone (not parents)
  3. Be on time.
  4. “On floors” means in the building.  “Lights out” means LIGHTS OUT.  Turn your phones off and get some sleep. 
  5. No girls in boys’ corridors and rooms, no boys in girls’ corridors and rooms.  No exceptions.  After lights out, no one is to leave their room except for an emergency.  You will be sent home. Utilize common areas during free time.
  6. No phone usage during rehearsal or after lights out.  Your cell phones will be confiscated and held until the end of camp if necessary.
  7. No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol will be tolerated.  You will be sent home without a refund and will be expelled from the group.  Period.
  8. Everyone participates in all rehearsals, meals, and social events.
  9. Less than the best you have to give is not enough.  Work hard to improve during rehearsal.  Work hard to have fun outside of rehearsal.


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