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6th Grade Band - Listening

Here's the link to the next 6th grade band sticker song:

Music Department Fall Fundraiser Starts Today!

Fairbanks Music Department's Annual Fall Fundraiser Sale begins:  Wednesday, Sept. 6
Sheets and money are due:  Monday, September 18
Delivery: Oct. 8-12
The Fairbanks Music Department is the largest department in the school, serving over 220 students in eight grades.  It takes money to support our musical efforts, and student-raised money is a substantial part of that.  Our goal this year is to raise $6000 from  this sale.  This is the ONLY fundraiser for the music department as a whole this entire school year. This money is used for items like music, supplies, repairs, transportation, instruments, rewards, uniforms/apparel, and many other day-to-day expenses.  It is asked that all members of the music department help in this important fundraising event. Hansen has an online store this year so you and your family can reach even more customers who want to support music in our schools! ( See directions for this method below.
Students are asked to sell at least 10 …

5th Band Parent Meeting - What You Missed...

5th Band Parent Meeting - September 5, 2017
Instruments Students need to have an instrument by the week of September 11. If you are using a used instrument, please get it serviced before using it in class. If you need advice on purchasing a used instrument, please feel free to contact me. Students will not be permitted to play on a sub-par instrument.
Mouthpieces The most important part of any clarinet is the mouthpiece. After years of experience, I find that upgrading to a better quality mouthpiece makes better clarinet players in the beginning, and in the long haul. Clarinet players should be playing on a Vandoren B45. New mouthpieces of this type cost around $100 but you can find some in Buckeye Brass and Winds that are gently used and sterilized for less than half price.  Other options include or Woodwind&Brasswind.
Trumpet players should start on a Bach 7C or equivalent.  Trombone/euphoniums should start on a 6 1/2 AL mouthpiece or equivalent.
Books Wind players will use …