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5th Grade Band Concert Listening

5th Band members can listen and play along with these to prepare for the Spring concert. They are accessible from any device including laptops, tablets, and phones.

Free Jacques

Old MacDonald Had A Band

Ode To Joy

Hard Rock Blues

FMB 2018 - Preliminary Info

Important Dates: April 10 - $50 camp deposit due April 10 - Parent meeting 7pm July 16 - Rookie Camp July 17-20 - Pre Camp 8am-noon July 29-Aug. 3 - Band Camp  Football Fridays: Aug. 24-Oct. 26
Contests: TBA (The FMB appreciates that band members have family commitments and other activities. Saturday events are held to THREE SATURDAYS during the season. Contest dates will be announced when they are set)
Attendance Policy
The Fairbanks Band attendance policy is designed to emphasize each person's importance to the group. All members are expected to be at all rehearsals and performances unless excused in advance by the director. There are very few excused absences for performances. In general, unless it is a personal illness, wedding, funeral, or military duty, it is unexcused. Excuse notes for rehearsals need to be presented to the director 48 hours in advance of the absence for approval. 
If a member has to miss a performance, a parent must contact the director via phone or in person at lea…