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FMB Band Camp Rules/Tips

Mr. Keller’s Band Camp Tips
1.  Do what needs to be done.  We take the quality of our performances very seriously.  When you are asked to memorize your music…do it.  When it is necessary to put forth additional effort…do it.  When you need to focus your attention on what you are doing…just do it and you will be a better person for it.  I guarantee that there will be no unreasonable demands put on you this week.
2.  Judge your criticism.  Nine times out of ten, suggestions given to you for improvement are accurate and intended as helpful.  Realize we are in this together and that individual effort equals group improvement.  If you feel you are being criticized unfairly, make it known to your section leader, camp staff, or director.
3.  Be responsible for YOU.  Make sure you get sleep and eat right.  Set your alarm clock.  Keep your room clean.  Call your mother.  Wear a watch and be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.  Don’t rely on others for your accountabili…

FMB 2018 Drill Assignments

D1 - Jacob S
D2 - Ellie T.
D3 - Emma K.
D4 - Jordon Y.
S5 - Wyatt G
Q6 - Audrey C.
F7 - Rose A.
F8 - Carly F.
F9 - Rachel S.
F10 - Megan S.
C11 - Gage G.
C12 - Kaitlyn V.
C13 - Elizabeth W.
A14 - Kate W.
A15 - Hunter J.
A16 - David M.
A17 - Mitch K.
H18 - Matt K.
O19 - Juliet P.
X20 - Emma G
E21 - Grace B.
E22 - Brady D.
B23 - Samantha P.
B24 - Sarah A.
B25 - John C.
T26 - Leanne R.
T27 - Janelle W.
T28 - Andrew J.
T29 - Ashley H.

FMB Update 7/11/18

FMB Update 7/12/17

Here's all the news before we begin the 2017 season:

1.  Please study the calendar of events.  All rehearsals and performances are required unless excused in advance in case of wedding, funeral, military duty, or as soon as possible in case of personal illness. Babysitting, no ride, sibling commitment, or parent commitment are not excused absences. Please arrange your schedule so you can make it to all events.  Members participating in other school sponsored activities will need to get me your practice/game schedule as soon as it is available so modifications can be made.  You can always see the calendar online.

2.  I will once again be paying for summer uniform polos for rookie band members.  Work on filling out your summer uniform with a pair of all-black athletic shorts, white socks, and white-ish tennis shoes.  Please do not buy a new pair of shoes if you have anything that is not completely black.  I am very reasonable about summer uniform shoes. I will get…

FMB Camp 2018

FMB CAMP July 29 thru August 3, 2018
Harmony Field - Fairbanks High School
Check-in/Check-out Times/Procedure Camp check in is in the BAND ROOM on Sunday, July 28 from 4:30-5:30 PM.  You will need to bring your emergency medical form (see below), any money that you owe, and any money for supplies, and a case of water. Check-out is immediately after the End-Of-Camp Show on Friday, August 3. The show will begin at 5pm sharp and end at approximately 5:45. What else should you bring with you? Check the list below.
Emergency Medical Form You will need to submit a new emergency medical form for camp, and include and  information that Mr. Keller needs to know, including any prescription medications you are authorized to have and use. Fairbanks board policy strictly prohibits your participation at camp without this form on file. One will given to you at pre-camp, or you can just download one HERE, print it out, and bring it with you to camp check in or pre-camp rehearsals.
Your remaining camp bala…