FMB Camp 2018

July 29 thru August 3, 2018
Harmony Field - Fairbanks High School

Check-in/Check-out Times/Procedure
Camp check in is in the BAND ROOM on Sunday, July 28 from 4:30-5:30 PM.  You will need to bring your emergency medical form (see below), any money that you owe, and any money for supplies, and a case of water. Check-out is immediately after the End-Of-Camp Show on Friday, August 3. The show will begin at 5pm sharp and end at approximately 5:45. What else should you bring with you? Check the list below.

Emergency Medical Form
You will need to submit a new emergency medical form for camp, and include and  information that Mr. Keller needs to know, including any prescription medications you are authorized to have and use. Fairbanks board policy strictly prohibits your participation at camp without this form on file. One will given to you at pre-camp, or you can just download one HERE, print it out, and bring it with you to camp check in or pre-camp rehearsals.

Your remaining camp balance
Camp costs $150 this year. All camp money must be paid no later than band camp check-in. Please make checks or money orders payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters". No cash can be accepted. The camp fee include, food, supervision, instruction, social activities, FMB t-shirt, and a uniform maintenance fee.

End of Camp Show
We will present an end of camp show for parents, family, and friends at 5 P.M. on Friday, August 3 at our practice field Dress is summer uniform (remember to bring this to camp). Check out will commence immediately after the show. Everyone is invited to the show, so tell everyone you know! Bring your own lawn chair for this event.

What to Have Daily

Cool Clothing (shorts & T-shirts)
Extra of socks
Extra pair of shoes (grass is wet in the morning)
A hat
Old Clipboard (veterans)
Water Bottle
Music Player/Headphones
Cell Phone/iPod (recommended for drill coordinates)
Chargers/batteries (Plenty of outlets supplied)
A laundry basket (this will be your "locker" for the week of camp)
1 case of bottled water.

Camp hours are 8am to 9pm. This will include morning drill rehearsals, afternoon music rehearsals and social events, and evening field rehearsal. At the conclusion of each day's rehearsal, go home and sleep in your own bed. Wake the next day, get a healthy breakfast, and report back to camp by 8am the next day. Members are to be in attendance at all camp hours, with very few exceptions approved by the director. Do not schedule work, doctor/dentist/other practices this week. Unexcused absences keep the group from learning at its best level. Your attendance is vital.

Meals Provided
The Fairbanks Music Boosters are providing catered meals for lunch and dinner which will be served at the school. If we are not already aware of any special dietary concerns, please inform Mr. Keller or Mr. Greve ASAP. A snack will be provided each day. You are welcome to bring additional snacks or beverages your require. Please only drink water or sports drinks during rehearsals. Soda will be provided at meals. Water will be provided at every rehearsal.

Camp Staff
We are fortunate to have a an outstanding and dedicated camp staff this year.  Mr. Keller will serve as the brass instructor this year.  Hannah Greer returns from 2016 as our woodwind instructor. She is a middle school music teacher in Lima, Ohio.  Our percussion instructors this year are Breanna Dawson (FHS '18) who will serve as head percussion instructor. Also assisting at camp will be James Montgomery (FHS '17), who will work with bass drums and auxiliary percussion, and Amber Brooks (FHS '18), who will assist with mallet percussion.

Spirit Days
Each day will be a different theme at FMB camp 2018! Recommendations can be submitted HERE.

Summer Uniform
Band members will need to have their summer uniform for the end-of-camp show. Veterans should have their band polo, and new members should submit their gender-specific shirt size to Mr. Keller on Monday, July 16. All members are also to have an all-black pair of athletic shorts, white socks, and a white-ish pair of athletic shoes (Just about anything but black will do) We don't want you to need to buy a new pair of shoes just for summer uniform.


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