5th Grade Band Schedule 2018-19

Reminder of the band schedule this week:

Today: Clarinets and Saxophones
Tuesday: Trumpets and Trombones
Wednesday: Flutes
Thursday: Percussion

Starting next week:

If it’s a FIVE day week:
Day 1: Flutes
Day 2: Clarinets
Day 3: Saxophones
Day 4: Trumpets/Trombones
Day 5: Percussion

If it’s a FOUR day week:
Day 1: Clarinets/Saxes
Day 2: Flutes
Day 3: Trumpets/Trombones
Day 4: Percussion

Weeks shorter than 4 days will be dealt with accordingly at that time.

If there is a delay or cancellation, the group for that day will come to band on the FOLLOWING DAY WITH THE NEXT DAY’S GROUP. (Example: if it’s a five day week and there is delay on MOnday, then flutes will come to band on Tuesday WITH the clarinets.


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