FMB Football Playoffs at Fort Frye HS

Itinerary - FMB to Fort Frye HS - Football Playoffs Round 1

Thursday, November 1

*with mucho rain in the forecast, this event will be very likely indoors.

6:20 Band room is open
6:30 Warm in band room
6:45 Perform in gym. (Senior show, Victors, Cheers)
7:10 Rally ends, hot chocolate served. Dismissed

*Casual dress...Fairbanks attire is encouraged.

Friday, November 2

9:45 Rehearse at Harmony (3rd period)
12:15 Prep for clap-out
12:30 Clap out happens
12:35 Load trailer, bus
1:00 Depart

3:00 Rest Stop (20 mins)
5:00 Arrive FFHS
5:05 Stretch. Eat (Box lunch provided from Kroger)
6:15 Warm Up
6:44 Pre-game

7:00 Game Starts
9:30* Game ends

10:00* Depart for home
12:00* Rest Stop (10 mins)
1:15am* - Return FHS

*-Times are approximate

Halftime show will be senior show. If the field is not conducive, we will stand and play.

Dress is full uniform, with accommodations for inclement weather. Bring your raincoat on the bus.

Bring $$ for fast food dinner on the way to the game.

I would recommend bringing a pillow and a blanket for the bus. It's going to be a long trip.


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