FMB: Milford Center Holiday Parade 11/25

The Milford Center holiday parade is Sunday, Nov. 25.  It is an important performance in Milford Center and our participation is always appreciated by the fire department (who sponsors it) and all the residents as well.

This is a required performance for all FMB members, as per the student handbook. If you have a request for an excused absence, you must submit it to Mr. Keller in writing at least 14 days prior to the event.

Here are the details for FMB members:

11:45-12:15pm - The school is open to get your raincoat, instrument, shoes, helmet, gloves, or whatever you need.
12:15pm - School will be locked.
12:30pm - Warm up/Rehearse at Milford Center Ball Fields, near the playground
1:00 pm - Parade Begins.
1:30 pm - Parade Ends

*Uniform for the day is: Drillmasters, blue jeans, FMB raincoat, white gloves, helmet, plume. Please feel free to layer under your jeans and under your raincoat if the weather is cold.

*Either take your raincoat/hat/gloves/instrument home on Tuesday, or come to the school 11:45-12:15pm to get your things.  Please be ready to warm at 12:30.

*We will play The Victors and Deck The Halls for the parade.  Both need to be memorized.

*After Thanksgiving, ALL raincoats and hats are to be turned in to the band room again. 


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