Reed Players: WE NEED TO TALK

In recent weeks, I've seen a rash of poorly made cheap reeds in the band room. I have evidence that they are not well made, wear out quickly, and basically sound terrible. Here are some of the offenders I found in on Amazon:

They are inferior reeds and aren't even worth the $1 each you pay for them. Please DO NOT BUY THESE REEDS. You will not find these reeds in any reputable music dealer's store because they are not quality products. If you have unopened boxes of these reeds, I recommend you return them for a refund immediately and purchase reeds that I recommend.

Here are my APPROVED brands by long-established reed makers: Clarinets: Rico Royal, Mitchell Lurie, and Vandoren. For saxes: Rico Royal and Vandoren. They cost more than the above listed junk reeds, but they SOUND GOOD and LAST. They are well made and will perform well for you. Just as anything in life, you get what you pay for. 10 reeds for $8 sounds like a bargain, but I assure you they are junk.

Here's what REAL reeds look like:

If you have have any questions, PLEASE contact me and I'd be happy to elaborate. :D


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