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Pep Band @ CBJ March 3 - Ticket Info

*The Fairbanks Pep Band will perform before the CBJ game on March 3, 2019. The game starts at 7pm and the band will play from 6:00 to approximately 6:30pm while Blue Jackets fans stream into Nationwide arena. We will perform in the main atrium at the top of the escalators from the SW entrance by Tim Horton's. Transportation will be provided for all band members and equipment.

*Here is where you purchase tickets:

*All pep band members MUST HAVE A TICKET TO ENTER, and are responsible for acquiring their own ticket to this event. The performer discount code is "PERFORMERUPPER" OR "PERFORMERLOWER." If you have more than one performer in your family, see below to contact Leah Cover, CBJ representative. Once you have confirmed with your parents that your ticket has been purchased, please check off your name on the list on Mr. Keller's office window.


CBJ Trip March 3 - Details for Performers

The pep band will be traveling to Nationwide Arena on Sunday, March 3, to perform before the Blue Jackets game vs. the Winnipeg Jets.  You may have heard that the CBJ is the hottest ticket in town because the Blue Jackets are on fire this year!

Here are the details for performers:

4:00 - Load bus/trailer 4:30 - Depart for Columbus 5:15 - Arrive/unload 5:30 - Set up 6:00 - Doors open, performance begins 6:30 - Performance ends 7:00 - Game begins 9:30* - Game over. Load trailer, bus. 10:30* - Arrive FHS
*-times approximate
*Wear your pep band t-shirt. This is required for this performance.
*If you plan on eating from the concession stand, please bring spending money.
*All band members MUST ride the bus to the game.  If you plan on riding home with parents instead of the bus, you are responsible for transporting your own instrument home, or making sure it is loaded on the trailer and into the school after the game. You must also give a note from a parent to Mr. Keller stating that you a…