Pep Band @ CBJ March 3 - Ticket Info

*The Fairbanks Pep Band will perform before the CBJ game on March 3, 2019. The game starts at 7pm and the band will play from 6:00 to approximately 6:30pm while Blue Jackets fans stream into Nationwide arena. We will perform in the main atrium at the top of the escalators from the SW entrance by Tim Horton's. Transportation will be provided for all band members and equipment.

*Here is where you purchase tickets:

*All pep band members MUST HAVE A TICKET TO ENTER, and are responsible for acquiring their own ticket to this event. The performer discount code is "PERFORMERUPPER" OR "PERFORMERLOWER." If you have more than one performer in your family, see below to contact Leah Cover, CBJ representative. Once you have confirmed with your parents that your ticket has been purchased, please check off your name on the list on Mr. Keller's office window.

*PERFORMERS MUST HAVE THEIR TICKET PURCHASED NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 15. All tickets are MOBILE TICKETS and cannot be printed at home. If you do not have a smartphone and unable to access mobile tickets, you must contact Leah (see below) to arrange for your tickets to be printed at the ticket purchase center where they can be picked up before the game.

*Your family will be seated together even though ticket prices are different. Performer tickets are $20 upper bowl and $30 lower bowl. Any family members or friends can purchase discounted group tickets to the game as well at $38 for upper bowl and $65 for lower bowl. These prices not only are extremely discounted, but also a donation will be given to the Fairbanks Music Boosters for each non-performer ticket sold. The last time we performed at the CBJ, the boosters earned nearly $500!

*If you are unable to purchase tickets via credit card or debit card, read the next item....

*If you have special needs or have trouble purchasing tickets through the web site, or are unable to access mobile tickets, please contact our CBJ group representative Leah Cover at 614.246.3976 or at to purchase your tickets and ask any questions.

*If you cannot attend this event due to a schedule conflict, please notify me ASAP so I can arrange for subs from my pool of band alumni.

*Details about the schedule and lineup of pieces will be available soon. In the meantime, get your tickets purchases ASAP.

If you have any other questions about this event, please contact Mr. Keller at


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