UPDATED - Uptown Friday FHSCB!

We are excited to announce that the FHSCB will partner with the City of Marysville to present our annual spring performance at the Memorial Health Pavilion at the first "Uptown Friday Night" of the year on Friday, May 17. The performance will occur at 5:30pm and conclude at 6pm. The performance will be a musical retrospective of pieces performed at all three of our department concerts. We are very excited that our music will be featured in a new place and reach a new audience this year!

Tell your family, friends, and neighbors about our new outdoor concert!

Details for performers and parents:

*All FHSCB members, seniors included, will stay after school on 5/17. We will load the trailer and pizza/beverages will be provided.

*4:15 - students who drove to school will drive themselves to Marysville and all others will be transported by bus to Memorial Health Pavilion. (Return transportation will NOT be provided)

*What to wear: A red shirt (preferably a Fairbanks red shirt) on top. Band shirts are fine, as are red band/pep band t-shirts. If the weather is warm, you are welcome to wear shorts. Do your best to keep them basic colors (black, grey, jeans). If the weather is cool, blue jeans or similar on the bottom half. Nice athletic shoes, comfortable dress shoes, or sandals.

*4:30 - We will set up our concert band chairs/stands/equipment under the pavilion canopy.

*5:00 - Warm up and tuning on stage

*5:15 - Break to greet family and friends

*5:25 - Brief warm/tune

*5:30 - Performance begins. Program order is: SSB, Three Ayres, Philip Bliss, Thunderer, Sun Cycles, Black Panther, Imperial.

*6:00 - Tear down/load trailer. EVERYONE helps in this endeavor.

*6:15 - Students are dismissed (and welcome and encouraged to stay for the other musical performers) No return transportation to FHS will be provided.


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